26 March 2012

Cute as Pie

Found a couple of cute websites that i wanted to show you all.

First one is this blog/ stall that one of my friends posted something about on facebook, and it is Pretty cute.


It's got reviews of shops, artists selling work, A mixture of Blogs and interviews.

Fantastic place to discover new artists that are emerging, as well.

The other website i was looking at was this..

A selling website for all British art :)


Loads of British talent on this site.
Also a perfect place to get selling your own 'art'

However if your not wanting to sell your work as a full time thing, i would really recommend this website.. 


It's like Ebay, but for the Art community.
You can sell anything that is handmade on this website!
It's amazing and cheap to list your items. Only problem is that when you've sold your items your likely to use your money buying something else off the site.

I've got my own little shop on there...


Hasn't got much in it at the moment as I'm a busy bee with Uni, but I'd really appreciate it if you had a look once in awhile. i'm going to try and put some stuff on over my easter holiday.

Also I'm quite happy if you want to share your own work with me :)
just comment on here or email and link me to your stuff.

My handmade Bangles coming to my shop on Etsy shortly :)

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